Osmosis skincare is a brand with holistic results at its heart. They are a close relative of Cosmedix, both being developed by the same scientist. However Osmosis is not a clinical peeling brand, they are about adding back into the skin and restoring the dermis.  An unapologetic brand that whilst making waves in the skincare world, has also committed to lessen their impact and burden on the planet by using recyclable and soy based paper & packaging and by developing reef safe products.

Osmosis has a strong ethos around advocating for how we can have great skin care but also do better when it comes to being environmentally friendly. It leads the way by not only being clean, free from contaminants and toxins, but also by being Oncology friendly. 

Osmosis has a track record of treating some of the most challenging skin conditions, so not only a virtuous brand but one that actually does the work. If I have a client with a compromised skin barrier or inflamed skin conditions, osmosis is often one of my first options for healing the skin.